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ECBA vs CCBA vs CBAP | A Complete Guide For Beginners | Know Their Differences and Which Should You Learn?

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    • In this article you will get
    • 1.What is CCBA?
    • 2.What is CBAP?
    • 3.Difference between CCBA & CBAP certification
    • 4.Why do the Organizations hire CCBA or CBAP professionals?
    • 5.How to choose between CCBA and CBAP?
    • 6.Conclusion

What is CCBA?

CCBA stands for a Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis. It is the certification awarded by IIBA for mid-level business analysis professionals. It is one of the most reputable certifications all over world. A person can qualify for a CCBA examination if they are able to contribute a minimum work experience of a 3750 hours with the BABOK Guide. Another requirement is the minimum of 500 hours in four of the six knowledge areas or 900 hours in two of a six knowledge areas.

What is CBAP?

CBAP stands for a Certified Business Analysis Professional. It is the certification awarded by IIBA for a senior-level business analysis professionals. It is best-recognized certification for a business analysts. A person can apply for a CBAP examination if they have more experience than requirement of CCBA. In addition to BABOK guide, BA work experience of a minimum of 7500 hours is needed over a past ten years. The candidate must be a capable of documenting 900 hours in a four of six knowledge areas.

Difference between CCBA & CBAP certification

    Certification Body IIBA IIBA
    Aimed at A Mid-level Business Analysis Professionals A Senior-level Business Analysis Professionals
    Curriculum BABoK 3.0 BABoK 3.0
    Work Experience At least 3,750 hours of a BA work experience aligned to a BABOK guide during past seven years. At least 7500 hours of a BA work experience aligned to BABOK guide during past ten years.
    Knowledge Area Expertise At least 900 hours within each of 2 of six knowledge areas or at least 500 hours within each of 4 of the six knowledge areas. At least 900 hours within each of 4 of six knowledge areas.
    Professional development Training Hours At least 21 hours of a Professional development training over a last four years. At least 35 hours of a Professional development training over last four years.
    Reference required Two references from the customer, career manager or a CBAP recipient. Two references from the customer, career manager or CBAP recipient.
    Exam Mode Online Online
    Exam Duration 3 hours 3.5 hours
    Questions Pattern Scenario-based a Multiple choice questions Multiple choice of questions related to the case.
    No. of Questions 130 120
    Difficulty level Medium High
Step-by-step procedure to get certification

Why do Organizations hire CCBA or CBAP professionals?

CCBA and CBAP provide the opportunities for staff to advance, grow their careers and gain recognition.The candidate is recognized for the skills and knowledge. They ensure that are bsuppliers, customers, staff, investors, and competitors comply with an industry standard. They provide assurance to the stakeholders that the company is be operating effectively.They use industry-based on standardized Business Analytics techniques to achieve the better outcomes which increase efficiency and consistency and are more reliable.The calculation process will help to improve the staff responsibility, commitments, and motivation.The implementation and development of a business analysis practices are conducted in accordance with a Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) guidelines.Customers and business partners are receive recognition from a professional business analysts.

How to choose between CCBA and CBAP?

Both exams have various focus. The CBAP exam consists of a situation-based questions which ask the candidate to apply knowledge they have acquired from BABOK. At a same time, the CCBA exam contains mostly factual and knowledge questions about the techniques and tasks in BABOK. But CBAP study material can be used for a preparing for the CCBA exam. experience matches with a CBAP, then proceeding with CBAP is the better choice than a CCBA. If cannot acquire a same experience as the CBAP, consider a CCBA as a temporary certification that can still be successful in the leveraging skills and broadening experience in business analysis and also Work towards CABP eligibility prior to the recertification period.

The CBAP is more challenging to attain than a CCBA; consequently, CBAP is a more prestigious.


  • BABOK V-3 Overview
  • BA Process & Techniques
  • Collaboration & Elicitation
  • Strategy Analysis
  • Requirement of Analysis & Design Definition
  • Estimation of a solutions
  • Business Analysis – Monitoring & Planning.
  • Life Cycle Management needs
  • So, after covering all these topics thoroughly, and will finally be ready to attempt exam. While preparing for a CCBA exam, need to remember some key points.

1. Must have good grasp of the BABOK guide version 3. Also, aspirant should complete a Certification training well.

2. To check knowledge gaps,and must regularly attempt the mock tests and check a dashboard report.


Like CCBA, can attend CBAP exam from anywhere and anytime, as it is online exam. The exam duration is about the 3.5 hours and includes 20 MCQ questions. Further, preparation format for a CBAP exam also requires to cover similar topics as we see in CCBA. The topics are similar, but a coverage ratio for a CBAP exam is various compared to the CCBA exam.A survey says that an applicant must prepare the atleast 90 to 120 hours for CCBA vs CBAP exam. Further, it would be a better if an applicant gives 3 to 6 months to prepare for this exam. It would be sufficient time for a better preparation. Moreover, taking mock tests with a regular practice can give more confidence to clear a final exam.


  • It will give a more opportunities as CCBA is globally recognized certification.
  • Can effectively and actively implement the various Business Analysis skills.
  • It will present a BA skills and specific industry standards for which a global employers search.
  • The intensive learning and preparation will give the extensive knowledge base. The various concepts will expand the knowledge and help businesses make a right decisions.
  • These credentials will give a more confidence to work in a BA profile and help the career graph to grow.
  • Can get a higher salary package or can see the hike in existing pay with this Certification. Also, there are many chances to get a promoted to the next level in career.
  • Further, will enjoy the vast skill-set with a in-depth knowledge.
  • Also, an entity will get into a leading position with the efforts and skill base. Therefore, the business will bring the more projects to work.


  • This Certification will fill the confidence within by giving a higher weightage in the workplace.
  • A practising BA can take the advantage of a CBAP credentials.
  • With CBAP credentials, and can get more recognition, proficiency, ability, and skills.
  • Will be able to implement the effective business strategies.
  • Further, this certificate will commit to a BA profession to work more effectively.
  • Moreover, CBAP is most prestigious Certification everyone wishes to the pursue to become an expert Business Analyst.
  • This Certification will further add more weight to the career growth.
  • Thus, in the CCBA vs CBAP certifications, more aspirants prefer CBAP as a best career-oriented skill. It is most recognized credential that every BA professional expects to be get.


As a business analysis is an essential element of the any organization determining business needs, a professional business analyst is the must. Because of this, there is high demand for highly qualified and expert analysts. Appearing for an examinations like CCBA, CBAP makes it easy to prove skills and enhance a profile to be selected from the reputable company. Based on a knowledge acquired during the certification course, candidate could shape their future and lead an organization to heights. So choose certification that’s right .

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