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Tableau vs Looker : Comparision and Differences | Which Should You Learn?

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Samual Agastin (Tableau Sr Developer Engineering )

Samual Agastin is a Tableau Sr Developer Engineering, his role can read API products and apps, as well as edit API proxies, shared flows, and KVMs. He has 5+ years of experience in SQL Server data, MuleSoft, ESB, IBM API, AWS API RESTful, and Apache Kafka.

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Preface to Tableau vs Looker.
    • 2.preface to Tableau .
    • 3.How to Transfer Data to Looker or Tableau?
    • 4.How is Looker different from Tableau?
    • 5.Optimized for the pall.
    • 6.A trusted data model .
    • 7.API enabled data authentication .
    • 8.Tableau Pricing & showstopper pricing .
    • 9.What’s Looker good for?
    • 10.Pros and cons Tableau vs Looker .
    • 11.Conclusion.

Preface to Tableau vs Looker:

  • Viewing data allows the brain to reuse large quantities of data with just one regard. Through the use of maps and graphs, businesses are suitable to reuse information and use it to contribute effectively and snappily to course adaptations and course opinions. Data is only useful if we’re suitable to communicate information with our brigades to show both the big picture and the way demanded to achieve unborn pretensions.There are numerous data discovery tools available, each with different features.
  • In this composition, we take a near look at the differences between the popular Locker and Tableau to compare which viewing tool stylish meets your marketing needs. Retailers like these two platforms because of their ease of use, high situations of client service, and the good, cooperative look they can produce. The following comparison divides the benefits of both BI results. showstopper – an important data analysis platform — can help large and small companies find value in their data sources.
  • Looker is cybersurfer- grounded and offers a unique modeling language. Looker is easy to use. The software makes it easy to select, customize, and produce a variety of interactive illustrations, furnishing a variety of graphs and maps to choose from. In terms of machine literacy algorithms, Locker has no native support for this technology. still, Looker is partnering with Amazon Web Services( AWS) to ameliorate stoner experience with machine literacy. Presently, Looker is integrated with Amazon Sagemaker. The commerce of these tools allows judges to develop and train machine literacy models, meaning Looker is concentrated on aiding predicTableau analysis.

preface to Tableau:

  • Still, Tableau can be the BI( business intelligence) tool you need, If you’re looking to turn data into positive and palpable ideas that make an impact. Business druggies can fluently connect to data stored nearly anywhere and in nearly any format. Interactive dashboards with advanced visual statistics are created with the drag and drop point.
  • With Tableau you can produce maps, charts, graphs, and many other plates. fresh viewing features are available which include liar and a Tableau Original train Connector that generates geospatial data. druggies have the option of installing a Tableau desktop on their computer or leaving it in the pall on a Tableau garçon.
  • With its Ask Data module, judges can write questions in common language and find applicable information in their dashboards. The software responds in the form of automatic data discovery. This point eliminates the need to perform fresh tasks with data to gain the required information.
  • In addition, the Tableau supports numerous machine- grounded features. Judges can use predicTable statistics, recommendations, combinations, and fresh functions to produce accurate prognostications and produce better data. In addition, Tableau is also integrated with Aible, a pall- grounded AI result. With its help, Tableau created nanosecond predictor models. Another way to use prophetic analytics is to integrate Python. As you can see, Tableau offers comprehensive integration capabilities to bring further openings to its druggies.
  • When making the final decision between Locker vs Tableau consider the following You’re being structure Company size Data analysis conditions Know which types of graphs, maps, or news boards work stylish for your platoon To know what kind of access you’ll need, whether on the point or stored on a pall platform Look at the Looker and Tableau exit and decide which bone might best relate to your marketing crusade data.

How to Transfer Data to Looker or Tableau?

  • While these data viewing tools are great for creating maps and graphs that tell your company story, it can still be a delicate challenge to collect your data from colorful data sources and shoot it all to your visual display or BI tool( business intelligence).
  • This means you can calculate on Improvado to automate the process of transferring raw data to any Data Viewing tool of your choice, be it a Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, PowerBI, or another. Turn your data into a beautiful, easy- to- restate look.

How is Looker different from Tableau?

  • Tableau guests will do fresh with Locker than simply visualize knowledge and make dashboards. they will produce new and recent knowledge for his or her druggies and integrate knowledge into important workflows.
  • The dependable knowledge model supports the Locker knowledge platform and totally defines the most business rules and criteria and grainy warrants of druggies of any organization. Guests tell North American nations that the protean, nonetheless important Looker foundation, is their key to delivering applicable words to internal and external guests.
  • Locker guests comparing our answer with the Tableau generally cite the posterior advantages of the Locker Platform No desktop software system demanded. Loker- grounded cybersurfer moxie 100 eliminates the demand for the installation and conservation of desktop consumer software systems.
  • The fashionable web- grounded Looker moxie permits for the sharing of link- grounded content, creating collaboration less conflict-free. All drugs have harmonious forum words. For example, they will complete tasks while not moving from one desktop tool( similar as a Tableau Desktop), to a different( similar as a Tableau medication Builder), also going online to finish set tasks.

Optimized for the pall:

  • Looker’s vogue takes advantage of the rearmost pall databases ’ native quality and performance. Unlike utmost challengers, Looker does n’t have faith in banal information excerpts or a personal in- memory vogue that forces you to prognosticate the queries your druggies can raise. Looker’s in- database vogue eliminates the proliferation of the spare — and doubtless obsolete — data excerpts common in Tableau deployments.
  • You wo n’t moxie any gratuitous outflow or new points of failure in your information channel. And, you may avoid the protection threat of replicating information in another seller’s data and on your stoner’s bias. Looker’s multi pall capability makes your information strategy future- evidence. you may just modify wherever you decide on to emplace Looker underpinning all database( s) you use with no downstream impact to your finished drugs.

A trusted data model:

  • Unlike Tableau, Locker Stadium is designed to bring a perfect balance between domination and tone- help. druggies of all situations of technology can interact with — and estimate — medium, dependable data and analytics content. Developed business judges familiar with SQL can contribute to the data model controlled by the Locker’s git interpretation and define or maintain their business rules for their organization.
  • Small business druggies of technology can fluently pierce and partake named content that’s utmost applicable to them and the workflow that they support. Looker’s business background differs from introductory data and is participated across all downstream content. This enables briskly changes in the data model and briskly distribution of updates from the ground up as business rules change and change over time.

API enabled data authentication:

Locker Forum deals with a variety of operation cases and meets the introductory requirements of a variety of druggies. Other contending styles, similar as Tableau, frequently fall suddenly in these orders. Looker empowers guests to do further than just introductory BI to produce a wealth of data information that enhances being business processes. Information is delivered in environment — directly into the operations that druggies interact with on a diurnal base. Looker uses deep pre-built or custom integration with our advanced APIs, SDKs, and inventor tools. New openings for organizations to streamline workflows with data are being created, allowing endless openings to modernize systems and processes.

Tableau Pricing & showstopper pricing:

  • Tableau offers 2 completely different sets of package costs for it.The alternate set is a package running on Tableau garçon.
  • Looker customizes their costs in line with your wants. For the standing contact the commercial directly. Tableau supposedly won during this class as a result of it working with OLAP cells, whereas Locker tries to figure nearer to OLAP.
  • For pots that bear the utilization of OLAP also the selection is apparent. Looker is making an attempt to switch the traditional operation of OLAP with custom knowledge testing results.
  • Still, if OLAP can’t be substituted for your analysis, Tableau is best suited to you. Although you ’ll use or make a custom API association to completely different external systems and forums, the general public value more largely to use Improvado as an automatic system to prize and integrate knowledge into their device.
  • As for the comparison of Lookervs. Tableau, Locker provides fresh integration with the third- party packages and is less complicated to integrate with different results compared to Tableau.

What’s Looker good for?

  • Looker could be an important business intelligence and visual tool that helps enterprises produce graphic maps and plates to perceive their sweats. From a stoner perspective, the app provides a transparent and simple interface, works within the cybersurfer tab, and improves platoon productivity once it involves the dashboard.
  • Looker does n’t show valuation data on their web point. so as to knitter the worth to your solicitations, you ought to communicate the commercial nose to nose. Still, outsourced services say the worth of a 10- member cluster starts at$ three, 000/ month.

Is the Looker identical because of the Tableau?

  • It’s tough to check Lockers. Tableau as a result of the$ 64000 edges of those results counting substantially on the conditions of your business. Because of the simplicity of Looker, the law does n’t need a desktop interpretation. Still, it’s not protein in an exceeding variety of ways.
  • Still, giant knowledge lines will take up to some twinkles to load, and huge dashboards are frequently slow sometimes. Tableau uses each formal and informal knowledge to see knowledge and has redundant liar options and a neighborhood train connector.
  • Looker creates custom illustrations and allows you to make a choice from a library packed with blocks with pre-made dashboards and show templates. Improvado simplifies promoting knowledge from all of your current knowledge sources to transfer to the word.
  • With the backing of pre-built deals dashboards, judges get elaborate maps and graphs in seconds. Thus, they will target analysis rather than exploiting traditional knowledge and knowledge sanctification.

Pros and cons Tableau vs Looker :

Pros for Tableau:

  • Great customization .
  • Provides library of bubble maps, word shadows, passion delineations, spider net maps, and temperature maps.
  • It’s terribly correct .
  • It integrates with massive knowledge platform and web point.
  • No have to be impelled to prize knowledge, you ’ll be suitable to leave it within the word .
  • Provides custom enciphered blocks with custom SQL patterns for your specific solicitations .
  • Excellent customer support, specialized support is accessible via converse in seconds.
  • Custom installation choices and their hosted results.
  • Workshop well on each mackintosh and laptop .
  • Easy link sharing from one tool that produces participating with groups easier.
  • Mobile, Tableau t, and desktop match.
  • Easy to use .

Disadvantages :

  • Lack of inflexibility inside the system because of the simplicity of the tool .
  • Long delay times for big deals dashboards to be loaded .
  • Without AN external tool, penetrating your Looker promoting knowledge may be a homemade system – you ’ll be suitable to use spreadsheets or make in- house Apis( most utilizing the app) .

Pros for Looker :

  • Beautiful, interactive filmland that area unit simple to restate.
  • Fresh viewing options embody storyboarding and abstraction train instrumentation( rooting geospatial data) .
  • Accurate analysis with a point- and- click computer program that has a good image of company designs and unborn openings.
  • Completely customizable dashboards .
  • Easy to introduce .
  • One sign- in .
  • It’s correct and straightforward to use .
  • The operate of on- line logical process provides net access and web- grounded analysis.
  • Allows business druggies to convert reports into fully different train formats and share analytics results .
  • Mobile, Tableau t, and desktop match .
  • Access to lines victimization pall and knowledge depositories .
  • Variable.


  • Occasionally massive knowledge lines will take a number of twinkles to load .
  • Graphs area unit generally confined .


It’s hard to make a clear call on which platform has the stylish viewing chops as they both do it veritably well. Tableau uses both formal and informal data to produce illustrations and has fresh storyboarding features and a Original train Connector. Looker creates custom illustrations and lets you choose from a library full of blocks with pre-made dashboard and display templates. Improvado offers numerous Marketing Dashboard templates available as Locker Blocks. While the Tableau is excellent in terms of figures, Looker has an advantage because of its platform-specific analysis function, Locker Blocks. The blocks are pre-built but completely customized for stoner requirements. As for Tableau, it offers great openings for different data manipulation, SQL queries, prognostications, etc. It’s still a good result if you plan to work with large data sets, complex data views and integrate third- party tools with your analytics needs.

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