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What is Azure DNS ? Azure DNS – Azure Domain Name System | REAL-TIME Examples

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction to Azure DNS.
    • 2.What is Azure DNS?
    • 3.Azure DNS Features.
    • 4.Azure DNS Pricing Info.
    • 5.Importance of DNS.
    • 6.Creating a DNS Zone in Azure.
    • 7.Conclusion.

Introduction to Azure DNS:

  • The DNS, Domain Name System is a number one purpose for the translation of the internet site or a provider call to IP address.
  • Azure DNS is classed as the web website hosting provider company for lots of a DNS domain names throughout the marketplace primarily based totally on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.
  • The primary use of a DNS in Azure is assisting a person or business enterprise to host their very own DNS domain names into a Azure infrastructure. Hosting a domain names in an Azure infrastructure is simple as may manipulate the very own DNS records.
  • The username and password continue to be similar to only typically use to get entry to the API’, tools, and billing of a Azure services.

What is Azure DNS?

  • Domain Name System (DNS) locates and an interprets internet site domains into a net protocol (IP).
  • The Azure DNS gives call decision for a DNS domain names through the usage of a Microsoft Azure infrastructure. It gives the web website hosting of a Azure DNS names at the Azure worldwide community of a DNS call servers.
  • The Azure DNS machine makes use of an Anycast networking for instant a overall performance and excessive availability on a domain.
  • Additionally get a blessings precise to an Azure Resource Manager consisting of role-primarily based totally get admission to the control, audit logs, and aid locking.
  • It additionally permits to control the domain names and statistics thru a Azure portal, Azure PowerShell cmdlets, and cross-platform Azure CLI. And also can combine the Applications that require automated a DNS control thru the REST API and SDKs.

Azure DNS Features:

Azure DNS is the properly maintained and properly-executed a Microsoft offering. An organisation or person can avail a subsequent capabilities primarily based totally on the need:

Reliability and Performance efficiency:

  • Azure DNS offerings are taken into the consideration to be more dependable and overall performance green because it makes use of a Anycase Networking.
  • Azure DNS is the resilient answer as its load is a mechanically balanced throughout more than a one regions.
  • The DNS domain names are be hosted in a Azure’s worldwide attain community and each question is despatched to the closest to be had a DNS server to be hold efficiency.

Seamless Integration:

  • The Azure DNS offerings may be applied to the control DNS facts for an Azure offerings.
  • They may be used to provide a DNS for any recognised outside reassets if needed.
  • Also, an identical profile may be applied for a billing, support, and settlement with various Azure offerings.

Ease of Management:

  • Hosting DNS in an Azure permits you to without comnplex control all of Azure Applications and DNS facts the use of an identical login credentials.

DNS Security:

  • Role-primarily based on totally logins.
  • Access controls.
  • Audit logs.
  • Resource Locking.
  • Multi-thing Authentication.
  • The above-cited capabilities cater to a safety factor the of provider.
  • Apart from capabilities which are enabled with using a Azure DNS, there are some boundaries in phrases of a area call registration.
Azure DNS

Azure DNS Pricing Info:

  • The use of an Anycast routing allows them to offer superb overall performance and also availability.
  • The Azure DNS Pricing records the quoted right here is for the vital USA and may range primarily based on totally for location.
  • For a primary 25 hosted DNS zones, expenses are around $0.50 in keeping with a sector in keeping with month. Additional hosted onDNS zones, i.e. greater than a 25 then expenses are around $0.10 in keeping with a sector in keeping with month.
  • A First billion DNS queries in keeping with a month the expenses are around $0.forty in keeping with a million.

Importance of DNS:

Back in ones desirable vintage days, needed to write a HTML-syntax code to create the net pages with out an IDE, simply notepads. had take a look at each line of a code to locate in which neglected a few and wrote an incorrect HTML syntax.

  • In a vintage times, the whole lot turned into simple .

Creating a DNS Zone in Azure:

  • A DNS region is used to host a DNS information for the selected internet site area.
  • To create the DNS Zone in Azure, need to be an Azure Admin or Azure User with legitimate subscription.
  • Create the brand new aid and look for DNS Zone. Select a proper Azure Subscription, Resource Group and for an Instance Details, want to select and fill withinside a favored DNS Zone call like my instance underneath and installation on aid location.


Azure Domain Name System is the b integrated DNS server withinside a Microsoft Azure infrastructure, that’s surely a satisfactory device presently to be had for a cloud computing services.It is a fantastically scalable, reduces latency in the DNS lookups in a area name, and makes coping with a DNS information clean .

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