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1. What is a SAPUI5?


Just like any other HTML5 client-side rendering a library SAPUI5 is also one. SAPUI5 strictly follows a RIA (Rich Internet Application) standards. It is based on a JavaScript which provides a lightweight programming model for the desktop as well as mobile applications.

2.Why use SAPUI5?


As HTML5 world is the new age front technology across all aspect of a internet applications SAP was kind of trailing in this age because SAP was using age old WebDynpro for building a SAP Web Applications which lacks in rich and user friendly UI. SAP identified this and be came up with its own custom HTML5 library i.e. SAPUI5.

3. When and How to use a formatter in SAPUI5?


Need to use a formatter when need to perform some changes on the back end property data on the front end.Can use a formatter while data binding to a property like as follows:

a. oControl = new sap.ui.commons.TextField({

b. value : {path : “/path”, formatter : function(oEvent){

c. return “Value:”+oEvent;

d. }}});

4. What all design patterns are recommended/available in a SAPUI5?


  • Master – Detail
  • Master-Master-Detail
  • Full Screen
  • Full Screen-Full Screen-MasterDetail (Multi Flow)

5. What all types of views are available in a SAPUI5?


  • JSON view
  • JavaScript View(JS View)
  • HTML View

6 Is SAPUI5 free of a charge?


SAPUI5 is not a free of charge, but it also can’t be purchased from a standalone. To use SAPUI5 productively, need to have a valid license agreement about SAP product or service that included a SAPUI5. To check whether aSAPUI5 is part of SAP license agreement, check the documentation of a SAP products or services covered by an agreement.Under SAP Software Use Rights, customers may only use a SAPUI5 to program modifications or to create a add-ons to the SAP software in accordance with the agreement. SAPUI5 may not be to transferred, either in whole or in part, into modified or a created software

7.What All Events/life Cycle Are Available In a Sapui5’s Views Controller?


onInit() – it is called when a view is an instantiated and its controls have already been created.

onExit() – it is called when view is destroyed, used to free resources and finalize activities.

onAfterRendering() – when view has been rendered and, therefore, its HTML is part of a document.

onBeforeRendering()- It is called before a controller view is re-rendered and not before the a rendering.

8. What Is The Benefit Of a Data Binding Within Sapui5?


SAPUI5 used data binding to bind two data sources or information sources together to maintain them in sync. This means: All changes in one source are also reflected in a other one.

9. Name Some Types In a Sapui5?


  • sap.ui.model.type.Float
  • sap.ui.model.type.DateTime
  • sap.ui.model.type.Currency

10. What is SAP UI5, and why a developer may be prefer it over HTML5?


SAP UI5 is a framework that developers can use to create a highly responsive cross-platform web applications. End users access applications on their smartphones and desktop browsers. Its stability and versatility appeal to more developers who work in an UI technology. Page layouts and floorplans in a SAP Fiori offer developers with elements that help them design interactive pages. Using SAP UI5 also ensured that developers have a freedom to customise UI layouts and applications easily per a business requirements

11. What Are a Dialogs In Sapui5?


  • They are rendered into a specific area (the static area) in a DOM.
  • They need be added a “dependent” aggregation of the view to get access to a models.

12. How many types of data model are available in a SAPUI5?


4 types of models incorporated in a SAPUI5: the OData Model, the JSON Model, the XML Model, and the Resource Model.

13. What is the difference between a HTML5 and SAPUI5?


    HTML5 is a markup language, It doesn’t have a programming capabilities. SAPUI5 is a framework that is based on a MVC approach to building for web applications.
    HTML5 is mainly for a purpose of creating a simple webpage without formatting and logic. SAPUI5 offers a standard style and components to build rich UIs.

14. What are Metadata Annotations?


The service metadata document explains a structure of all resources in the service. This structural metadata makes it simpled to understand a service. can explore a service metadata at the address “$metadata” relative to the service root.

rstand a service and integrate it: -EDM: EntityContainer -EDM: EntitySet -EDM: an EntityType -EDM: Property -EDM: a Nav Navigation Property -EDM: AssociationSet.

15. How many types of a Fiori applications are there?


  • Transactional
  • Analytical
  • Fact Sheets

16. Is Native a Javascript supports modules?


It is a home page for all FIORI applications provided. There is more than a five hundred custom app provided by SAP. This shows tile-based on UI where every UI redirects to an assigned FIORI application. This Launchpad is fully customizable according to needs like theming and all.

17. How can get the web browser of a client on which the SAP Fiori application is running?


SAPUI5 library offers a special API “sap.ui.Device“which can be used for a device and its feature detection. This API offers flags like “chrome”, “firefox”, “Mozilla”, “edge” etc. in “sap.ui.Device.browser” API which returns a boolean values.

18. What are a Fiori Design Principles?


  • Role-Based
  • Delightful
  • Simple
  • Responsive
  • Coherent

19. Mention the main difference between Json model and ODATA?


    These models are a client-side models These models are a server-based
    Communication with services in this model is complex This model is simple to use to communicate with ODATA services.
    It can manage a small data sets available on the client-side. Here the datasets are available on a server-side
    It supports a two-way binding It supports a one-way binding
    Its syntax is a sap.ui.model.json.JSONModel.() ; Its syntax is a Sap.ui.model.odata. ODataModel () ;

20. What is a SAP Fiori?


SAPUI5 is a client-side HTML5 rendering a framework or library and SAP FIORI is collection of and released as waves of the applications that are completely based on a SAPUI5 framework. It means can create a applications using the SAPUI5 framework and SAP FIORI is the final product i.e. application. In SAPUI5 have to code from the scratch, but in Fiori Application the custom application is already built and enhancements can be done on a those custom apps.

21. Which Open Standards And Tools Are Foundation Of a Sapui5 Technology?


  • D3.js for a visualization.
  • ARIA for accessibility standards and a keyboard handling.
  • jQuery for managing a DOM elements and abstracting browser difference.

22. What is Batch call in a SAPUI5?


Usually batch methods are used when the user has to perform a multiple operations or same operation on multiple records within single back end call. The same batch methods can be used for a calling a function import. can call the function import for a multiple records in a single batch call from a UI5.

23. What are the types of a Components?


Faceless components: Mainly without UIs, Used for a business logic and helper methods e.g. Formatters.

UI Component: typically component.js file which is made by an extending sap.ui.core.UIComponent class.

24. When and How to use a formatter in SAPUI5?


Need to use formatter when need to perform a some changes on the back end property data on the front end.

25. Can add a own controls to UI5?


Yes, can add custom controls by creating definition of it from a scratch. To explain a custom control use sap.ui.control.extend and to enhance a standard SAP UI5 control use sap.ui.commons.controlname.extend.

26. What are a SAPUI5 Fragments?


Fragments are very light weight UI controls and part of a another UI. Fragments are not completely like a views but they act like view. Fragments are explained similar like views and are names like “myFragment.fragment.xml“.

27. What is a Metadata Annotations?


The service metadata document defines the structure of all resources in the service. This structural metadata makes it simple to understand a service. Can explore a service metadata at the address “$metadata” relative to a service root.

28. What are the general Metadata Annotations?


  • edm:EntityContainer
  • edm:EntitySet
  • edm:EntityType
  • edm:Property
  • edm:NavigationProperty
  • edm:AssociationSet

29. What is the difference between a SAP Fiori and SAPUI5?


    SAP Fiori SAP UI5
    SAP Fiori is a set of design rules that find how a user interface is supposed to look and feel.It is a collection of rules that decide on a user experience (UX) of a SAP application. SAP UI5 is a technology to build responsive web apps. In other words, SAP UI5 is a coding language for SAP Fiori.
    The aim of a SAP Fiori is an user interface that is a consistent, simple, intuitive and responsive for all SAP applications. Therefore, we cannot build a SAP Fiori application without the underlying a SAP UI5 framework.

30. What is a FIORI Launchpad and Explain it?


It is a home page for all FIORI applications provided to. There are more than a 500 custom app provided by a SAP. This shows tile based on UI where every UI redirects to an assigned FIORI application. This Launchpad is fully customizable according to the r needs like theming and all.

31. How to know that device is a Touch Screen or not?


SAPUI5 library offers a special API “sap.ui.Device“ which can be used to for a device and its feature detection. This API has a flag “sap.ui.Device.touch” which returns true if device is touch screen otherwise false.

32.Name Some Types In a Sapui5?


  • sap.ui.model.type.Float
  • sap.ui.model.type.DateTime
  • sap.ui.model.type.Currency

33. What are the various RFC authorization objects in SAP Fiori?


RFC_SYSID − ID of the calling system or a domain of the satellite system.

RFC_CLIENT − Client of a calling system.

RFC_USER − ID of calling user.

RFC_EQUSER − Flag that indicates whether the user can be called by user with the same ID (Y = Yes, N = No)

RFC_TCODE − Calling a transaction code.

RFC_INFO – Additional an information from calling system (currently inactive).

ACTVT − Activity

34. What are the various app launched tile types in a SAP Fiori?


Static − It shows a predefined static content (text, icon).

Dynamic − It shows a numbers that can be read dynamically.

News Tile − Flips through a news messages according to the configuration of a tile.

KPI Tile − It displays a KPI’s in a real time.

35. What is MVC?


MVC stands for model view controller; it’s an architecture to design UI based applications to achieve a maximum reusability and extensibility of the application for a future changes. Model is the representation of data in form of a object, View explains the UI and the Controller contains all the logic to drive as well connects view with model.

36. What is the use of a PFCG role SAP_UI2_USER_700?


The Launchpad user must have a PFCG role SAP_UI2_USER_700 assigned. With this role the user can run a SAP Fiori Launchpad on Personalization level and hasan authorization to execute a following OData services −


37. What are the various options in a SAP Fiori Launchpad design?


Configuration Layer − Contains all content as delivered to a customers including the translation.

Customization Layer − Customers adjust a content for all users in the system. Can use a CUST layer for testing or other reasons. Content is transportable through a customizing requests by a customers. After customization, content is decoupled from the configuration layer and no automatic synchronization after changes to a delivered layer.

38. If Customization doesn’t run properly, is it possible to disable all the customization by providing configuration?


If a Customization doesn’t run properly, all customization can be disabled by a providing a single configuration. In support situation, this can be done by the setting a breakpoint early in sap-ui-core.js and then executing a following code in the Console −

  • window[“sap-ui-config”]= window[“sap-ui-config”]||{};
  • window[“sap-ui-config”][“xx-disableCustomizing”] = true;

39. Name Some Semantic States In a Sapui5?


  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Critical

40. How can download newly created themes that are published?


  • Use a transaction /UI5/THEME_TOOL to download newly created theme and will find css in one of those folders.
  • Can also transport themes from one system to the another (Eg: from Test to Production system) using the tool for a Customer Themes Maintenance.
  • Start the tool using a transaction: /UI5/THEME_TOOL
  • Navigate to a theme want to transport.
  • Select a Transport and choose.

41. What is the use of a component.js file in UI extensibility?


The configuration is stored in a component.js file of the custom application. The component of the custom application require to inherit from the main component of a original application. To make the location of the original application or component known to a SAPUI5, it may be need to use register Module Path. The configuration in a customizing section contains the extension metadata and explains the objects that are replaced or extended.

42. What is a SAP HANA XS engine? How it is used for a Business suite and KPI?


For Analytical apps need SAP Hana as underlying database, no exceptions. SAP Fiori leverages.XS engine by using a virtual data models. Within an XS engine there are 2 components: the HANA Live App content for a respective business suite and Smart business component with a KPI modeler. Within the HANA live content a VDM reuse content exists which can be modified.

43. The add-on components in back end that need no down time for installation are known as?


ERP − UI for EHP 7 for SAP ERP 6.0

SRM − UI for EHP3 for SAP SRM 7.0


CRM − UI for EHP3 for SAP CRM 7.0



44. For write access to a UI Theme Designer (create, update, delete themes), which authorization an object should be assigned?


Authorization object: /UI5/THEME

ACTVT(Activity): 02(Change) and

/UI5/THMID (Theme Id): * = all themes

45. Mention a Prerequisites for SAP UI5?


Eclipse Platform: A Mars (4.5)

Operating System: a Windows OS (XP, Vista, 7 or 8/8.1)

Java Runtime: JRE Version 1.6 or BE higher, 32-Bit or 64-Bit

SAP GUI: Only relevant when an installing a SAP UI5 ABAP Repository Team Provider

For Windows OS: SAP GUI for a Windows 7.30/7.40

Microsoft: Only relevant when installing a SAP UI5 ABAP Repository Team Provider

For Windows OS: DLLs VS2010 for a communication with back-end system is required

46. What language does a Fiori use?


The SAP Fiori design language is used in a SAP applications, including a S/4HANA and C/4HANA suites, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Data Hub, SAP Ariba and others. Applications that used the Fiori design language are often called a Fiori applications or Fiori user interfaces (UIs).

47. What is a OpenUI5 ?


OpenUI5 explained: as A subset of SAPUI5 containing an entire core and more than 200 UI controls.

48. How do extend an OData service (Gateway Content Layer) in SAP Gateway?


  • Transaction code SE11 is a ABAP dictionary. By using this transaction code, can create, change and display a table entries and structures. At the initial screen, can put any tables or structures to view, edit or even create new one. Transaction code SE11 is normally used for a ABAP programmer.
  • SAP Gateway Service Builder (transaction SEGW)) is design-time environment, which offers a developers an easy-to-use set of tools for creating services. The Code-based on a OData Channel consumes it and supports developers throughout the development life cycle of service.
  • SE80 – Object Navigator
  • SE 80 is a tool to develop and navigate a programs and dd-obj.
  • SE80 Object Navigator → means all the objects will available there. In se80 in addition to viewing a objects related to programming and classes, there are more privileges to view such as some other repositories like mime, object repository, object browser and all.

49. What is the use of a component.js file in UI extensibility?


The configuration is stored in a component.js file of the custom application. The component of a custom application needs to inherit from the main component of original application. To make the location of a original application or component known to SAPUI5, it may be need to use register Module Path. The configuration in customizing section contains the extension metadata and explain the objects that are replaced or extended.

50. What are SAP Fiori key principles?


Role-based: The user only sees what they are need to know.

Adaptive: Achieves seamless user experience on all the devices (mobile, tablet, and desktop).

Coherent: Same look and feel across various apps.

Simple: Focuses on delivering simple, intuitive user experience—1-1-3 (one user, one use case, and three screens).

Delightful: It’s beautiful and made the user feel good.

51. Is Fiori a GUI?


SAP Fiori is user interface or user experience (UX) that supplements and can replace a SAP GUI. This streamlined application uses tiles to encapsulate a standard tasks, like approving purchase requisitions, viewing sales orders, and approving timesheets.

52. How to load a Bootstrap for UI5 framework to work in a Offline Mode?


Reason being: Since the WebIDE local installation runs on a Orion Server, which has all UI5 Framework Libraries pre-existing in a Server. To access the libraries in a framework, explain a neo-app.json which acts as an interface between Orion Server ->> Resources ( test ) to load framework.

53. What is the difference between a scaling up down to scaling in out?


The term “scaling up” means to use a more powerful single server to process a workload that fits within the server boundaries. Scale-out is a various model which utilizes multiple processors as a single entity so business can scale beyond the computer capacity of a single server.

54. When was SAPUI5 introduced?


SAPUI5 is a user interface development toolkit. First developed by a SAP in 2010 under code name Phoenix, the framework allows a developers to create web applications for a HTML5.

55. Is Fiori open source?


SAP Fiori is a Free: OpenUI5 is an Open Source JavaScript UI library, maintained by a SAP and available under the Apache 2.0 license.

56. Explain how and why could use property decorators in TS?


Decorators can be used to modify a behavior of a class or become even more powerful when integrated into the framework. For instance, if framework has methods with a restricted access requirements (just for admin), it would be simple to write an @admin method decorator to deny access to a non-administrative users, or an @owner decorator to only allow owner of an object the ability to modify it.

  • class CRUD {
  • get() { }
  • post() { }
  • @admin
  • delete() { }
  • @owner
  • put() { }
  • }

57. What is a SAPUI5 bootstrapping?


SAPUI5 offers a several bootstrap files for various use cases. This is the standard bootstrap file. It already contains a jQuery, jquery-ui-position and only the minimum required parts of a core library.

58. What are the 3 deployment options of a SAP Fiori?


Have a five basic SAP Fiori deployment options. SAP offers a useful paper to guide on deployment, with detailed descriptions of the pros and cons of each scenario. These included a FES embedded deployment, FES hub deployment, gateway embedded, gateway hub and cloud.

59.Can you tell me about the aims of the new Fiori applications built using SAPUI5?


The goal of SAP Fiori is to built an intuitive, simple-to-use UI for all the SAP applications. It is not only to offer the user a consistent experience across all SAP applications and hence not need to be adjust, but also to save time by not clicking around in a unnecessarily complex and unintuitive user interfaces.

60. What does a SAP Fiori Rule 1 1 3 mean?


Simple – To keep a things simple, SAP has developed what it calls a “1-1-3 scenario”—One user, one use case and three screens. Role-Based – Fiori apps show the most relevant information to a user, based on role. Responsiveness – Response time is always important parameter when designing and testing the Fiori app.

61. What is a SAP WEB IDE?


SAP WebIDE is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which allows a developers to create/extend Fiori Apps.

62. What Information Can Be Stored In a Manifest.Json File Of Your App?


  • Root view
  • Supported device types
  • Supported themes

63. Why WebIDE?


  • It makes simpler to develop a Fiori Apps using ready to use templates.
  • Extensibility pane to extend a Fiori Applications.
  • Multiple Deployment options.
  • Allows team to sharing repository. Git repository
  • Can access it from an anywhere on any device. No local footprint

64. What is a metatag in html?


It depicts a metadata of HTML page. Characteristics of metatag are:

Encoding-type – help user to identify a type of characters that are applicable

Author– created by

Keyword – reside in a metatag for search engine optimization

Description – description about a websites in the search engines

65. What are a block level elements?


Block level elements are used to structure a HTML content properly. These elements don’t have their own footprint on a page. Two types of block level elements:

div – Division tag:

  • It automatically starts with the new line
  • Used to create/group a block of the elements.

span – inline element:

  • It doesn’t starts from a new line
  • It wraps an existing HTML element

66. What are List tags in a HTML?


List tags are used to display a sequence of data.There are 2 types of list tags:

a.Unordered list

b.Ordered list

67. Difference between a Open UI5 and SAP UI5?


  • Open UI5 is a Subset of a SAP UI5, Most commonly used in libraries are part of open UI5 for consumption by users.
  • Open UI5 is an open source under Apache 2.0 license where as a SAP UI5 is a licensed product, this comes along with the SAP Netweaver or SCP (SAP Cloud Platform – formally known as a HCP – HANA Cloud Platform).

68. What is an Inline Styling?


nline styling is an element level / tag level styling which gets to applied to all the elements explained in the tag. So if there are multiple elements, applying style for every element is not feasible. In that case use an Internal Style.

69. What is a Responsive Web Design?


Web design which adapts itself according to a screen size to provide a consistent user experience. Based on the device available space, the screen adjusts itself without scroll bar at page level.

70. What are a Fiori elements?


SAP Fiori elements is a framework that comprises a most commonly used for floorplan templates and is designed to:

  • Speed up a development by reducing the amount of frontend code needed to build a SAP Fiori apps.
  • Drive UX consistency and compliance with a latest SAP Fiori design guidelines.

71. How Can Compose Filters In Sapui5?


1.By creating multiple filters and concatenating either with AND or OR

2. By creating single sap.ui.model.Filter object and specifying a path, an operator, and up to a two values

72. What Are a Semantic Colors In Sapui5?


They are representations of states like success, warning, and error.

73. What is UI5 versioning strategy?


UI5 uses a fixed-released a schedule with monthly minor releases. A long-term support (LTS) version is a released every year. LTS versions are supported for atleast 3 years.LTS versions are recommended for more developers. Non-LTS releases are intended for developers who want to takean advantage of latest features. All fixes introduced in a non-LTS versions are back-ported to a current LTS version in any event.

74. What is a road map for SAPUI5?


For road map information on a SAPUI5, visit a SAP Road Map Explorer.

75. How Are Unit Tests For a App Started In Sap Web Ide?


  • By selecting a run configuration Run Unit Tests.
  • By right-clicking a unitTests.Qunit.Html report and deciding on an choice from Run menu.

76. Why are Not All Javascript Code Put In A script Tag Directly On The Index.Html Page?


1.To certainly separate a concerns in keeping with a MVC idea.

2.To make code a great deal less complicated to examine and hold

3.To enable a code to dynamically load sources as they’re wished

77. How Can Add A Margin All Around A Control?



78. How Can Sap.M.Table Behave On Smaller Devices like Phones And Tablets?


  • It hides a much less important columns.
  • It displays a much less essential columns as a “pop-in”; it stacks them vertically inside a row making the table larger in top.

79. Are UI5 applications accessible with a screen readers and other assistive technologies?


All SAPUI5 controls a follow accessibility best practices and standards. However, the application developer still want to ensure the accessibility of the applications, because it is not enough for only an UI controls to be accessible.

80. Why Is Automated Testing Beneficial For a App Development?


  • It notably reduces a guide testing attempt.
  • It is less complex handy over the app to the other builders.
  • Can avoid a regressions and insects to the code.

81. How does a SAPUI5 improve application performance?


In order to ensured that all static SAPUI5 resources are served with a lowest possible latency in SAP Business Technology Platform scenarios, you can load the resources from a Content Delivery Network (CDN) cached by a AKAMAI.

82. What Is a Sinon.Js?


A standalone unit checking out a library for JavaScript that offers spies, stubs, and mocks

83. Which Benefits Does The Hash-primarily based on Navigation In Sapui5 Offer?


  • Hash-primarily based on navigation adjusts the modern hash for an interactions with the app, so that the URL can always be bookmarked.
  • It allows to construct a one-page apps in which the contextual navigation is finished by means of changing the hash, so browser does not have to reload a page.

84. Which Options For a Code Reuse Are Available In Sapui5?


  • Controller inheritance
  • Nested views
  • Fragments

85. For What Stands The Abbreviation Json?


Java Script Object Notation

86. How to declare a different views in JS?


87. What is a Template Aggregation of a Table Control?


A Template Aggregation of control identifies how the control will be displayed on UI. It offers the control with information about what type of control need to assign to the column and explains what kind of behavior is expected from the aggregation. e.g. textfield, dropdown, label, radio, checkbox.

88. How Navigation Works In a Sapui5?


Sap uses two mechanisms, routing and EventBus. Routing Is a specifically used for bookmarking the URL. Explain routing in component.js within the metadata. It also explain the navigation path and hash changer which is used at the runtime to change the url of the specific screen.

89. Why is a SAP Fiori so slow?


Why is Fiori Launchpad not fast as a SAP GUI? SAP GUI is a native application running on a desktop and Fiori Launchpad is a web-based application. Due to the nature of a technical architecture, Web-based applications might be significantly slower than a native applications

90.Steps in which a SAP UI5 framework executes and application?


Step 1: Gets a controller name (getControllerName )

Step 2: Creates a object of the Controller

Step 3: pass the object of a Controller to the content (createContent)

91. Which design pattern is best?


1.singleton Design Pattern.

2.Factory Method Design Pattern.

3.Facade Design Pattern.

4.Strategy Design Pattern.

5.Observer Design Pattern.

6.Builder Design Pattern.

7.Adapter Design Pattern.

92. What is easiest design pattern?


Singleton (Creational): This is probably the best known and the easiest to implement design patterns in software engineering. Overuse of a singleton pattern can be a sign of poor architecture but used for strategically the singleton pattern is a tried and true solution to a lot of commonly reoccurring scenarios.

93. What is KPI in SAP Fiori?


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are measurable values that are used to evaluate a success of an organization, an individual, a group, or a particular activity. KPIs are also used to highlight a current value of an object or as a summary of the object

94. Does a SAP Fiori work offline?


SAP Fiori apps are normally used in the online mode, in which client requests are sent over a network to the back end where the business data resides. Some SAP Fiori apps are enabled to run on offline when prepackaged as hybrid apps hosted inside the native container for iOS or Android.

95. Will Fiori replace a SAP GUI?


During a S/4Hana project Key users of clients involved in a project that work with SAP for many years know that a SAP has the new Technologies Fiori Apps that one day will replace a T-codes of SAP GUI

96. Are design patterns only for a OOP?


Absolutely not. It doesn’t have to be a tied to object-orientation (OOP).

97. Which design pattern is mostly used?


Factory Design Pattern: One of the most famous design patterns used by software developers is factory method. It is a creational pattern that helps to create an object without the user getting exposed to a creational logic. The only problem with a factory method is it relies on a concrete component.

98. Which software is best for a patterns?


Adobe Textile Designer – Plugin for a Photoshop.

TUKAcad – Point-based on system.

FREE Wild Things – With a design planning tool.

PatternSmith – Wide a range of templates.

Inkscape – Vector drawing of software.

Modaris Quick Estimate – For a3D prototyping.

Optitex – A 2D and 3D patterns.

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