What Is Scrum XP? : Step-By-Step Process with REAL-TIME Examples

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    • In this article you will learn:
    • 1.Introduction to ScrumXP.
    • 2.Scrum.
    • 3.Sprint Ceremonies /Events.
    • 4.Scrum Roles.
    • 5.Scrum Values.
    • 6.Extreme Programming (XP).
    • 7.XP Values.
    • 8.How will It add Xp?
    • 9.How will I commence Work?
    • 10.Conclusion.

Introduction to ScrumXP:

Scrum and excessive programming (XP) square measure every Agile methodologies. We’ve detected arguing regarding the value of each, with people in general accustomed to each tending to belittle the opposite. However, we have a tendency to discover those methodologies to be complementary in an exceedingly current challenge at a giant power corporation whereby we have a tendency to get to place in effect them conjointly.


Scrum is that the main Agile framework practiced withinside the enterprise nowadays. It follows AN repetitious methodology whereby improvement cycles square measure a pair of /3/four weeks long. At the stop of every new unleash AN progressive model of the product/answer is ready to be shipped.Scrum prescribes events / ceremonies and distinctive roles within the cluster therefore to acquire alignment and lightsomeness.

Sprint Ceremonies /Events:

1. Sprint coming up at the beginning of the Sprint.

2. Daily Stand-up throughout the Sprint.

3. Sprint Demo and Review to exhibit the progressive running software package program evolved withinside the iteration.

Scrum Roles:

Product Owner – answerable for the merchandise that is often being developed. is that the adviser of the client and Business.

Scrum Master – Facilitates and orchestrates the varied scrummage events, publications the crew to align with scrummage values and principles.

Team Member – Focusses on attaining Sprint goals, perpetually strives to enhance.


Scrum Values:

Courage – each cluster member feels secure to fail and learn, to square measure seeking to facilitate, to mention ‘no’ and question some issue that is often going wrong.

Commitment – Commits to Sprint dreams as a gaggle. will currently not overcommit.

Focus – Aims to end what’s begun out and steer far far from distractions and unprioritized/ “shoulder tap” paintings. Limits add Progress.

Openness – Seeks and values comments and prospects to find out. Makes impediments, failures and learnings visible.

Respect – Team collaborates and acknowledges the paintings and achievements of every member. Builds trust.

Extreme Programming (XP):

XP is one among the earliest ,maximum successful and confirmed Agile Methodologies. it should be terribly precise regarding the practices to be followed. XP is recommended to be used whereas the client is totally dedicated to deep involvement with the advance team. XP teams unexpectedly turn out software package programs in short(more typically than not one week) iterations taking instant comments from the client.

XP Values:

Communication – Communication within the cluster is as essential as a news report with the client.

Simplicity – Building an appliance that’s simple to revise and maintain. {trying|making AN attempt|attempting} currently not to engineer too many and an excessive quantity of and handiest do what’s needed at that point.

Feedback – incessantly try to reap comments and showing at the comments from client, Team and also the Product.

Courage – courageousness to continue and do the correct issue.

Respect – Respect for fellow cluster participants and every one stakeholders.

Scrum and XP – what’s common and completely different:

Scrum and XP square measure known Agile Methodologies having the identical massive intention of handing over to the patron incrementally and iteratively. each the methodologies lay fantastic significance to shopper centricity, comments mechanisms, non-stop development and constructing property authorized teams.There square measure few variations withinside the imposing mechanisms of these methodologies:

Iteration Duration: scrummage Iterations remaining for two /3/ four weeks. XP iterations square measure normally terribly short – one week protracted or on the utmost a pair of weeks.

Role of the Customer: But in distinction to scrummage, in XP the client drives the preparation and schedules the discharge.The client perpetually interacts directly with the groups in XP, at the same time as in scrummage the merchandise Owner represents the client and Business.The XP teams confirm to provide an operative worm unfastened appliance on the stop of every iteration. client chooses to assess and supply comments or unleash to the stop users. scrummage teams offer operative software package programs on the stop of every iteration. The merchandise Owner with the enter from teams makes a call at the correct time for General handiness (GA) unleash relying at the Market Readiness, client enter etc.

Practices: XP takes it to another stage with the help of victimization mandating those Engineering Practices.Scrum recommends that objects deliberate within a Sprint square measure unchanged until the stop, but in XP, teams accommodate a shocking alternate of precedence even for the period of the iteration, with the help of victimization swapping objects if paintings have currently not commenced on that.

Roles: scrummage has devoted scrummage Ceremonies whereas XP will currently not impose it in step with se. scrummage features a devoted scrummage Master WHO permits those events, but XP will currently not have a scrummage Master. XP teams get steering from Agile Coaches.

ScrumXP: victimization the simplest of scrummage and XP Practices.

  • When they square measure fantastic practices, there’s regularly a bent to combine every and find the wonderful of every world. “Lean-Agile”, “Scrumban”, “ScrumXP” square measure a couple of samples of hybrid phrases that have emerge as growing known through combining philosophies (e.g Lean and Agile ) or methodologies (e.g scrummage and Kanban / scrummage and XP).
  • ScrumXP may be a hybrid exercise creating the utmost of every scrummage and XP. XP has arranged out a couple of terribly powerful Engineering practices that teams coaching scrummage will considerably advantage from.
  • Many teams exercise scrummage as their technique framework and include the terribly powerful and inexperienced center Engineering XP Practices of their manner of operating. This offers rise to the perceptibly economical ScrumXP hybrid version of operating. principally the scrummageXP teams hold the Scrum Master and merchandise Owner roles within their teams to attend to the desired orchestration and facilitation.

How will It add Xp?

In associate XP endeavors, paintings take place in short iterations that would remain from one to three weeks. Before each iteration, an assembly takes place during which developers, managers, and therefore the consumer confirm however tons of painting is also achieved throughout that iteration. The consumer prioritizes the paintings that wishes to be achieved, and therefore the cluster participants conceive to the amount of labor they estimate they may provide throughout the iteration.Development starts, and therefore the engineers begin to implement the undertaker’s functions withinside the form of person stories. throughout development, engineers have to be compelled to befits the XP engineering practices:

Scrum Process

Adopting collective possession of code XP has varied values that manual development:

Communication: Constant and obvious spoken communication is crucial for the fulfillment of an endeavor.

Simplicity: groups should place operative exactly what became asked—and naught greater—striving for a simple layout and swish code.

Feedback: Early and customary comments are crucial, and it’s ready to take several forms: comments from the automated unit assessments, comments from cluster participants, comments from the patron itself.

Respect: Each member of the XP cluster deserves respect, as will the patron.

Courage: Developers should provide sincere estimates, currently not produce excuses for failures, and contemplate their coworkers to help the endeavor succeed.

How will I commence Work?

The paintings in commencement happens in events:

The Sprint: the short cycle whereby every painting happens. This could absorb up to a month, with an alternative given to the shortest length.This includes an assembly during which the cluster makes a call on the way to transfer fee to the purchasers, the amount of labor that will be done, and therefore the method it’ll be done.

Daily Scrum: a fifteen-minute assembly at the beginning of each day whereby the builders speak roughly development towards the aim of the sprint, creating changes as necessary.

Sprint Review: an assembly that happens on the stop of each Sprint wherever in the cluster provides to stakeholders the implications done at some stage within the Sprint.

Sprint Retrospective: represents the stop of the Sprint. It’s an associated chance for the cluster to mirror upon the Sprint and therefore the method properly goes and confirms that changes are also created to boost the group’s paintings.

There are masses larger thereto than that, of course, with a whole thesaurus of commencement terms. However, the gist of it’s so much higher than. you’ll suppose it really is extremely very similar to the advancement of XP, and you’d be exempt for doing therefore. Later, we are going to touch upon the similarities—and differences—among the 2.


Scrum could be a framework for development, that’s a box up that you’ll transfer completely different practices. XP is one amongst these practices that you just might do within commencement framework. There aren’t any motives why a bunch got to choose among commencement and XP. XP rules and practices square measuren’t swish and therefore the bulk of XP rules are non-negotiable. Adding XP into commencement is a flavoring course for teams starting out with commencement and attempting to be a specialist commencement Team.

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